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Seeking and shortlisting for Advisory Boards for several premium paid opportunities – please contact Kylie Hammond for a confidential discussion.  The firms include an architecture and design firm, insurance broker, accounting and advisory, NFP, a legal practice and cyber-security firm

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Boardrooms are the epicentre of control and governance so what happens when crisis strikes, is the board prepared for the event, or do they compound the problem? This Month Peter Holtmann Chair and Board Member, shares his insights and advice.

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Testimonial – Join Director Institute Next Generation

Testimonial – Join Director Institute Next Generation

Testimonial – Join Director Institute Next Generation

As a Director of a boutique management consultancy, investing time in myself is a rare occurrence. However,  I made the the time to spend a day at the Welcome To The Boardroom Masterclass in Brisbane – a really worthwhile investment of time. Many thanks for Kylie for a really insightful and inspirational day – exactly the challenge and opportunity for targeted self reflection that I needed. The day has provided me with some of the building blocks that will hopefully form the basis my board career going forward.

Adrian Morey

I recently joined Director Institute and attended the Welcome to the Boardroom Masterclass event. It is very well presented, logically structured and focused on your director career development. Kylie is a very professional presenters and gets the message across efficiently. Refreshingly so, they offer a logical practical approach and avoid long-winded theoretical waffle. It is a worthwhile event, cost-effective and highly recommended.

Cornelis Keyser

I was fortunate enough to recently attend the Director Institute Welcome To The Boardroom Masterclass. As a first-time attendee, I found the session very interesting and rewarding. The content was extremely relevant for professionals contemplating a board role, or indeed a career as a non-executive director. Topics covered included career planning, leadership, networking, personal branding as well as transitioning from executive to board positions.The workshop was an ideal size and encouraged interaction around the room. The flow of the session was great. It also offered an immediate networking opportunity with other attendees which was actively encouraged.Overall, I would recommend for anyone considering a non-executive board career to attend.

Ian Gatenby

It is quite confronting to have to write about one’s self, mentioning all the positive attributes you think a newly introduced person will want to know first off, to warrant an interview for a Board position. Kylie guided us through it with spirited discussion and the vibrancy one would expect from two very successful women. The networking opportunities were outstanding and I have already had emails back today from people wanting to get started on possible business and offering their network for introductions. Kylie spends a lot of time at the big end of town and were happy to share their insights in whats happening where. In this rapidly changing world where its difficult to keep up with everything, all of the time and decipher what is fake news and what is not, its good to spend time with people who are so up to date and so well connected as to have the real inside information.

Wendy Ragg

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